How to Merge Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets

One of the most widely used management tools for calculation and documentation is Google Sheets. However, the dataset frequently contains repeated values, which add complexity and redundancy to the data. Thus, being able to merge duplicate rows in Google Sheets is a crucial ability.

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

5 Methods to Merge Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets

There are five options available in Google Sheets to merge duplicate rows based on the circumstance and the data. Each with a special benefit and drawback of its own. We have used practical examples for a better understanding of the methods.

1. Applying the Data Clean-Up Option

One of the most simple methods to merge duplicate rows is to use the Data Clean-Up tool. Simple in its form. We are going to demonstrate it with a practical example.

merge duplicate rows in google sheets simple method

Assume a corporation has a database with the names of its sellers and their phone numbers. It is, nevertheless, filled with several duplicates. We will thus create a clean and organized dataset.
Here are the steps:

  • Data > Data Clean-up > Remove Duplicates

navigating through data clean up to find remove duplicate tool

  • Check “” the boxes under the Columns to analyze section. (If there is a header, mark “” in the Data has header row)

Remove duplicate tool first window

  • A small window will pop up describing the result. Click OK.

result shown in window for removing duplicates

  • Finally, the result will appear. It deleted the Duplicates values and showed only the unique values.

merge duplicate rows in google sheets simple method output

Note: This feature just removes the duplicate values. It can neither merge nor sum values.

2. Using UNIQUE, FILTER & JOIN Functions

It is a two-way process. Simple and brief in style. The UNIQUE function will be used initially, followed by the JOIN function and the FILTER function. In contrast to the prior method, this one allows you to calculate or add duplicate values. Below is a step-by-step explanation of the procedure with an actual example.

merge duplicate rows in google sheets with unique, join and filter formula

You will discover a table containing information taken from a cash memo for a cosmetics store. What kind of product was sold, how much did it cost, and to whom. By merging the duplicate values, we will sum up the entire table.

unique formula syntax


  • Create a new table on the side of the worksheet with the same title and structure.
  • Use the UNIQUE function to bring out unique products. We are going to use the following formula.

application of unique formula to remove duplicates

As a result, as seen in the above image, it will list the unique products in the Item column.

  • Now we are going to use the JOIN function in order to merge the rows.
  • By looking for equal and matching values in column B, the FILTER function will assist in identifying the relevant and logical rows.
  • We will use the following formula in cell G6.

use of filter and join formula in numerical value for merging duplicates

As you can see, Lipstick was offered for 20 and 40 USD each time it was sold. A comma (,) separates the sold prices from the duplicate rows after they were combined.

  • We are going to use the same formula to fill the Customer Column. The formula is:

use of filter and join formula in text value for merging duplicates in rows for google sheets

Similar to before, it combined the cells and used commas to separate the Customer names.

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3. QUERY Function to Merge Duplicate Rows

The most robust and flexible feature of Google Sheets is the QUERY function. Although it has many features, we need a formula that can locate the duplicate values and merge the cells in the context of merging duplicate rows. Additionally, in this example, we’ll use the same dataset.

use of query function to merge duplicate rows in google sheets


  • We’re going to start by creating a table header that resembles the dataset.
  • We will employ the QUERY function and the subsequent method in cell F6, which is located beneath the Item header.
=QUERY(B6:C13, "select B, Sum(C) where B is not null group by B")

formulation of query function

The formula will produce the intended result, a table, below cell F6.

output of query formula in terms of merging duplicate rows in google sheets

Note: The QUERY formula will automatically establish a header sum under which it will display the results after performing the requested sum operation. Therefore, you can instantly merge the duplicate cells with just one formula.


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4. Using the Pivot Table to Merge Duplicate Rows

Using a Pivot Table is another technique to merge duplicate rows in Google Sheets. The advantage of employing a pivot table is that it can compute values and derive summations. Below is a description of the entire procedure with an appropriate example. The dataset that we previously used will be used again.

application of pivot table to merge duplicate rows in google sheet


  • Insert > Pivot Table

how to find pivot table in google sheet

  • A popup titled “Create Pivot Table” will appear. Here, we must define the data range and cell number where the table will be created.

data set up in pivot table for merging duplicates in google sheets

  • Thus, As seen in the figure, a column with the title Pivot Table Editor will appear on the right side of the Google sheet, and a table will appear in the specified cell. Namely, in cell F6.

pivot table editor window in google sheet

  • The editor includes a lot of user-friendly functions. However, we will only use Rows and Values for this example. So, Row > Add > Sort by > Items
  • Don’t forget to Check the Show totals box
  • Values > Add > Summarize by > SUM

demonstration of how to use pivot table to merge duplicate rows in google sheet

The table as it is depicted in the above image will then be found. In addition to combining duplicates, it also summed the entire sales price. The advantage of the Pivot table over other techniques is simple to understand.

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5. Make Use of Add-Ons

In Google Sheets, there are really two add-on options for combining duplicate values. The Remove Duplicates tool is one, while the Power Tool is the other. Make sure you obtain the add-ons from Google Workspace Marketplace before attempting to utilize them (They are free to use). We’ll use the same dataset as before to show how the add-ons can be used.

database for using add-on to merge duplicates in google sheets

5.1 The Remove Duplicate Add-On

There are 5 tools included in this add-on for eliminating duplicates in Google Sheets. In order to merge duplicate rows, we will use the following steps.

Navigate the tool from Extensions > Remove Duplicates > Combine Duplicate Rows

combine duplicate row add on accessibility

A window will pop up. Here, we have to perform a few steps:

  • Select the data range. For this example it’s B4:D13. If you want to keep a copy of the original data check “” the create a backup copy of the sheet.

select data window for combine duplicate rows

  • In step 2 of the box, select the columns that have duplicate values. For this example, it’s the Item column. Then click Next.

step 2 of combine duplicate rows in google sheets

  • We will decide how the values of the duplicate cells will merge in the third step of the process.
    • We have two columns: one contains summable numerical values, and the other contains customer names.
    • The names can be combined with a comma.
    • We can adjust the desired parameter by navigating the Column, Action, and Delimiter/function columns of the box, as shown in the image below.

choose column with the values to merge in google sheets

Here, the numbers in the image above represent the option clicks you have to perform.

  • After clicking the Finish button, a window will pop up with the result details. Click the Close button to see the table.

combine duplicate rows results windowYou will eventually come upon a table that looks somewhat like the one below. The duplicates were all combined, the values were added, and the customer names were arranged in a neat and orderly tabular style.

output of using Remove duplicate add on

5.2 The Power Tool Add-On

There are more than 30 intelligent features in Power Tools that Google Sheets lacks the most. For this case, check the steps below.


  • Navigate the tool from Extensions > Power Tools > Tools > Merge & Combine

power tool usage for merge and combine duplicates in google sheets

A tab named power tools on the right-hand side will appear.

  • Select Combine Duplicate Rows

power tool window in google sheets

  • The exact three-step window will appear as before. Here, you must choose the data range. In this instance, it is B4:D13. If you want to preserve a copy of the original data, make a backup copy of the sheet. Then click Next.

data selection window for power tool in google sheets

  • Pick the columns with duplicate values in step 2 of the box. The Item column in this instance then presses Next.

define duplicate columns to combine duplicate rows

  • In the third step of the process, we will choose how the values of the duplicate cells will merge. This time slightly different from the earlier approach. The required option clicks are shown as numbers in the image above.
    • Mark “” to Delete the duplicate values.
    • Column > “” (Column C) > Action > Calculate Numbers > Delimiter > SUM
    • Column > “” (Column D) > Action > Merge Values > Delimiter > Line Break
    • Click Finish to finalize.

power tool step 3 values to merge in google sheets

  • A window displaying the results will appear. Click Close.

result window of power tool to merge and combine duplicate rows in google sheets

The table will then appear as directed. The duplicate rows have been combined, the Sold values have been added, and the Customer names are now displayed with a line break.

merge duplicate rows by add-ons final output


You can now either merge the duplicate values in rows or total them in Google Sheets, depending on your objective. The only thing you need to know is which feature of Google Sheets will best serve your needs. You can visit our website, OfficeWheel, for further details.

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