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About Office Wheel

What Do We at Office Wheel?

Office Wheel published its first article on Jan 10, 2022. As I am writing this About Us page, this site is only 3 months old, an infant at this stage. But in the office problem-solving arena, we are anything but new. We’ve been running another site ExcelDemy since 2013 where we solve Excel-related problems. The ExcelDemy site is popular among a lot of Excel users from all over the world. After seeing success there, we thought why not run another site where we can cover all office software-related problems? And thus the idea for OfficeWheel was born! So our aim is to cover all office software-related problems on this soon-to-be mega-site. Currently, we are tackling Google Sheets problems, but this is only the beginning.

What Is Our Motto?

We have started by providing our readers with solutions surrounding Google Sheets, but this is just the start. In the near future, we have plans to cover all office software-related problems and thus are currently managing and training our teams according to these platforms. Some of which are:

  • Google Software and Tools (Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, etc.)
  • Microsoft Software and Tools (Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Accounting Software (QuickBooks, Zero, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, etc.)
  • Statistical Software (SPSS, etc.)
  • HR Software
  • OS (Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, etc.)
  • And etc.

Our Editorial Team

Kawser Ahmed


Kawser Ahmed

Kawser Ahmed is the founder and CEO of SOFTEKO, a software come digital publishing company and Editor-in-Chief of OfficeWheel and ExcelDemy. Since 2013, he has written over 334 articles on a lot of Excel problems. Spreadsheet Software Expert, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Stock Market Trading, and Corporate Training are his areas of expertise. As an Expert Technical Analyst, he conducts the Advanced Technical Analysis Course on the main stock exchange of Bangladesh. He is an enlisted external resource person at Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. He is working as an Investment Analyst and Course Coordinator at AmarStock Limited. With 9 Excel courses and 150k+ students enrolling in his courses, Kawser Ahmed is an Excel Instructor at Udemy.

He is a family person, the father of two angels (Marissa and Arissa). He lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with his wife Dipa Ahmed and his two daughters.

Kawser Ahmed with his team Softeko

Kawser Ahmed with his team at a Buffett Dinner

Mehrab Imtiaz

Senior Content Developer

Hi There!

Mehrab Imtiaz is a Technical Writer for officewheel.com specializing in everything Google Sheets. Mehrab has always had a profound passion for writing and with his experience with MS Excel and Google Sheets throughout his career, it seems to be a great match when it comes to dishing out tips and tutorials for all to enjoy.