Find Cell Reference in Google Sheets (2 Ways)

Today, we will look at a couple of ways with which we can find cell references in Google Sheets, focusing on the ones that can be found in formulas.

Let’s get started.

2 Ways to Find Cell Reference in Google Sheets

In a worksheet, the only place you can find cell references to other cells is inside a formula. That is why it can get quite difficult to correct any cell misreferences in a worksheet.

To find these cell references, we can take two approaches, depending on where and what we are looking for:

  1. Find and Replace
  2. Using the CELL function

1. Using the Find and Replace Option of Google Sheets

Find and Replace is a built-in search option of Google Sheets. You might be thinking it to the traditional CTRL+F search bar, but it is much more than that.

To access it, simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+H or navigate to the option from the Edit tab.

navigating to find and replace to find cell reference in google sheets

The Find and Replace Window

The Find and Replace Window

To show how we can find cell references with Find and Replace, we have the following worksheet of Integers, Multipliers, and some randomized results of the two in a table.

worksheet of randomized multiplication results with formulas

Obviously, the Randomized Multiplication Results contain cell reference formulas on which we are going to perform the search on.

So, open the Find and Replace window to search for, let’s say D3, which is the cell reference of the multiplier 2.

search conditions for find and replace

It is very important to check the Also search within formulas option. This will reveal all the cells that contain formulas. Click Find to begin the search.

find cell reference in google sheets with find and replace animated

With each click of Find, the application cycles through every instance of the search criteria through the worksheet.

The Disadvantage of Find and Replace

We may find ourselves with formulas that have locked cell references in them. The Find function searches cannot recognize these locked cells due to the presence of absolutes ($) ($D$3, D$3, or $D3), unless these absolutes are defined in the Find criteria.

different types of cell references in google sheets

That is somewhat impractical as we have three different ways to lock cells in Google Sheets and searching for each type individually will cost more than just time.

finding different types of cell references is impractical animated

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2. Find Cell Address/Reference from a Lookup Formula in Google Sheets

One of the most commonly used functions in Google Sheets is the VLOOKUP function. The main reason for that is this function usually works with a large amount of data.

So, it is understandable that we may want to not only extract data from a large dataset but also retrieve the address of the said data.

To do that, we will utilize the CELL function.

CELL function syntax:

CELL(info_type, reference)

cell function syntax

The info_type can have many clauses, but what we are going to be focusing on in this article is the “address” clause.

To show the process, we have created the following worksheet where a VLOOKUP formula is used to extract the number of Erasers stored for Week 2.


using vlookup to extract data

Now to find the address of our lookup match, we will utilize the CELL function.

We begin by applying the “address” clause to the formula:


applying the address clause to the cell function

The reference section will be covered by the VLOOKUP function used to extract our information. Thus, the final formula looks something like this:


find cell reference in google sheets with cell function

We have successfully found the cell reference of the result of the VLOOKUP data in Google Sheets.

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Alternative to VLOOKUP

The direct, if not better, alternative to the VLOOKUP function is the INDEX-MATCH formula.

We achieve the same results with the INDEX-MATCH combination in our worksheet:


using index match to retrieve data

Like before, we simply replace the reference section of the CELL function with the INDEX-MATCH formula:


find cell address in google sheets with cell and index match functions

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A More Dynamic Alternative to Find Cell Reference

In the last two examples, we had manually inputted the column number of “Week 2 Qty.” in our VLOOKUP and INDEX-MATCH formulas, which was 3.

To make it more intuitive, we will use a MATCH function to determine the column number.

MATCH("Week 2 Qty.",B2:E2,0)

In the formula:

=CELL("address",VLOOKUP("Eraser",B2:E9,MATCH("Week 2 Qty.",B2:E2,0),0))

adding match function to dynamically add column number

We can further our formula by using all the capabilities of Google Sheets to create something truly practical for any size of datasets.

For the following worksheet, we have used more cell references in our formula and drop-down menus to determine our search conditions:

a more dynamic way to find cell reference in google sheets

The formula:


And our worksheet in action:

dynamically find cell reference in google sheets animated

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Final Words

The need to find a cell reference in Google Sheets may not be a common occurrence, but it is definitely a technique that may come in handy for many organizational tasks, especially when you are working with a large dataset.

Please feel free to leave any queries or advice you might have for us in the comments section below, or go through the other related topics we have just for you.

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