How to Find Unique Values Between 2 Columns in Google Sheets 

During data analysis, data repetition is a significant problem. To get rid of this problem, you must create a unique dataset free from any type of redundant data. So, in this article, we will learn about Google Sheets find unique values between 2 columns.

overview of google sheets find unique values between 2 columns

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3 Ways to Find Unique Values Between 2 Columns in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, there are some easy ways to find unique values quickly and get rid of data redundancy. The most common ways are using the ‘Remove Duplicates’ tools and applying the UNIQUE function. To explain the techniques, we develop a dataset containing the Product Name and Sales columns.

dataset of google sheets find unique values between 2 columns

1. Using ‘Remove Duplicates’ Tool

It is the easiest way to find and remove duplicates and get unique values from a range of data. To apply the method,


  • First, select the entire dataset columns. Here, we select the range B4:C12. In the dataset, we highlight the duplicate value for better understanding.

remove duplicate tools of google sheets find unique values between 2 columns

  • Now, go to the Data feature and select Data cleanup > Remove duplicates.

insert remove duplicate tools

  • In the Remove duplicates dialogue box if you want to select the heading then check on the ‘Data has header row’ option. In the Column to analyze option you can select any columns from where you want to remove duplicate values. Here, we select all columns.

check on columns and headers

  • After that, click on the Remove duplicates button.

insert remove duplicates in google sheets

  • Now, you will find the number of duplicate rows and unique rows contained in the dataset. Press OK to run the method.

find duplicates and unique values in google sheets

  • Finally, you will get the unique values only in the dataset.

outcome of google sheets find unique values between 2 columns

As you can see, only the first rows of the duplicate entries remain, leaving only the unique values between the two columns.

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2. Applying UNIQUE Function

Though the remove duplicate tools are the simplest way to get unique values, it will change your original dataset. So, if you don’t want to change your dataset at the same time, you want to sort your data by unique values then the UNIQUE function will be the best option.


  • First, we create a new table to show unique values.

create new table for google sheets find unique values between 2 columns

  • Then, select cell E5 and insert the UNIQUE function.

insert unique function in google sheets

  • Now, apply the range B5:C12 from where duplicates will be found.

insert range to find unique values between 2 columns in google sheets

  • Finally, press ENTER, and you will find the unique values in the new table.
  • Here, the function looks for the unique value from the range B5:C12.

outcome of google sheets find unique values between 2 columns

  • You can also apply the same function to get the unique values with the column header as well.

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3. Inserting FLATTEN Function

The FLATTEN function is handy when you want to accumulate data from different columns. By combining FLATTEN function with the UNIQUE function you can achieve unique values.


  • In the beginning, develop a dataset that contains the Team A and Team B columns. We also create a result column to show the outcome of the function.

add result column in google sheets

  • Then select cell E5 and insert the FLATTEN function.

insert flatten function in google sheets

  • Now add the entire dataset as the range.

input range for the function

  • Press ENTER and you will find all values of the two columns in a list. The values contain the duplicates also.

outcome of flatten function

  • So, to get only unique values insert the UNIQUE function before the FLATTEN function. And finally, press ENTER and get only unique values.

outcome of unique function between two columns in google sheets

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Things to Remember

  • All cells must have the same number of rows and columns.
  • Carefully insert the range in the function.
  • Merge cells are not applicable to finding unique values.


We believe that this article will help you to find unique values between two columns and minimize your effort of data analysis in Google Sheets. For further knowledge about Google Sheets and other functions, you can visit the OfficeWheel website and make yourself more proficient.

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