How to Insert Signature in Google Sheets (3 Easy Ways)

We frequently use signatures as a means of confirming a document’s contents and identifying the signing. The parties to a contract are identified by their signatures. Since Google Sheets are heavily used in businesses, inserting a signature is often required for labeling a document with the identity of the related business parties. In this article, I’ll demonstrate 3 easy ways to insert a signature in Google Sheets. The following image contains an overview of the required output. We have inserted a signature with the help of a formula here.

An overview of the required output

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

You can copy our practice spreadsheet by clicking on the following link. The spreadsheet here contains an overview of the demonstrated ways of how to insert a signature in Google Sheets.

3 Easy Ways to Insert Signature in Google Sheets

First, let’s have a look at our dataset. The dataset contains a notice from a company’s top management which consists of the names of promoted employees. Now, to make the notice recognizable as official, CEO’s signature is required. Therefore, let’s demonstrate the ways to insert this required signature.

Dataset for demonstrating how to insert a signature in Google Sheets

1. Using Drawing Feature

In our very first method, we’ll use the Drawing feature to create a signature. Later, we’ll insert this signature into our Google Sheets. Now, let’s start.


  • Firstly, go to the Insert ribbon and select the Drawing feature from the pop-up list.

Selecting the Drawing feature from Insert ribbon

  • At this time, a window like the following will pop up.

Pop-up window to drawing the Signature

  • Now, click on the drop-down icon of the Line feature and select the Scribble option from the appearing list.

Selecting the Scribble option for drawing the signature

  • Afterward, draw your signature using the mouse or another external device.

The Signature drawn using Scribble tool

  • Consequently, select Signature to view the formatting options.

Selecting the drawn signature to view the formatting options.

  • Customize your signature with the required formatting options. Here, I have set the Line Color as Blue and Line Weight as 3px.
  • Now, click on Save and Close

The Signature after formatting with line color and line weight features

  • At this point, the drawn signature will appear in your Google Sheets worksheet.

Signature inserted in Google Sheets

  • Select the signature and hover your mouse pointer above the square blue icons of the signature border. You will be able to resize the image by dragging through this.

Resizing the signature

  • Resize the signature and drag it above the required cell to get the required output.

Final output after dragging the signature above the required cell

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2. Applying Insert Image Option

An alternative to drawing a signature is to use an image of your signature. We can insert an image from Google Drive, Google Images, Webcam, etc. Or browse an image from device data storage. Here, we’ll insert the image of the signature from Google drive. Keep reading to learn the process.

Signature existing in Google Drive as a png image file


  • To start, go to the Insert ribbon first and then click on the Image feature. Lastly, select Insert Image in a Cell.

Selecting Image feature from Insert ribbon to insert image in a cell

  • At this point, a window like the following will pop up. Since we want to insert an image from our Google Drive, click on the Google Drive option.

Possible storages/features to insert image from

  • Now, double-click on the required image to insert it in your Google Sheets.

Double-clicking on the required image to open the image in Google Sheets

  • As you can see, the signature has appeared in the required cell.

Final output after inserting the signature as image from the Insert ribbon

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3. Employing IMAGE Function

We can also insert an image of a signature by employing the IMAGE function. This function can insert an image in a cell by using the URL of the image as an argument. This method may sound simple, but there are a few important aspects to employing the IMAGE function. Follow the simple steps below.


  • We’ll insert our image from Google Drive. Therefore, to get the URL of the image, open your Google drive.
  • Now, select the image you want to insert.

Selecting the required image of signature to get the image URL

  • Afterward, right-click with your mouse to pop up a list of options and select the Share command from there.

Right-click on the image to open a list of options and select Share option from the list

  • At this time, a window like the following will appear. Set the General Access as Anyone with the Link and the Role as Editor for the proper execution of the formula.
  • Now, click on the Copy Link option to make a copy of the link first and then click on Done.

Edit the General Access and Role first, and then copy the Image URL

  • However, we have to modify the copied link before using it as an argument for the IMAGE function. Although, this is not required in case the image URL is collected from a Google search.
  • The link we copied is given below.
  • Change this link to the following-
  • Here, we have substituted the “file/d/” part with “uc?export=download&id=” and removed the “/view?usp=sharing” part.
  • Now, activate the merged Cell C14:E16 by double-clicking on it.
  • Afterward, insert the following formula-
  • Finally, press Enter key to get the signature.

Employing IMAGE function with the modified URL to insert a function in Google Sheets

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Things to Be Considered

  • For proper execution of the IMAGE function, we have to set the General Access as Anyone with the Link and the Role as Editor for that image in your Google Drive.
  • In the case of using images from Google, we can insert the copied URL directly as an argument in the IMAGE function. However, you have to modify the URL if you are inserting an image from Google Drive.


This concludes our article to learn how to insert a signature in Google Sheets. I hope the demonstrated examples were ideal for your requirements. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the article in the comment box. Visit our website for more helpful articles.

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