How to Insert Yes or No Box in Google Sheets (2 Easy Ways)

Yes/No boxes are useful in many ways. For example, we can take attendance or keep track of work progress using a Yes/No box. We can easily insert such boxes in Google Sheets. In this article, we demonstrate two ways to insert a Yes or No box in Google Sheets and how to use them effectively.

Overview of inserting yes no box in Google Sheets

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

You can download the spreadsheets from the link below. The spreadsheets contain a dataset we use here. After downloading you can practice on your own as we demonstrate here.

2 Easy Ways to Insert Yes or No Box in Google Sheets

We are going to insert a Yes/No box in the following dataset to keep a record of whether a person attended the meeting or not after getting an invitation.

Dataset of inserting Yes No box in Google Sheets

1. Using Data Validation

Inserting a yes/no dropdown list in google Sheets is super easy. We can simply do it from the Data menu.

📌 Steps:

  • First of all, we select cell C5.
  • Next, we go to Data >> Data validation from the menu bar.

Inserting Yes No dropdown box using Data validation

  • As a result, Data validation rules window opens as follows and click on Add rule.

Adding data validation rule

  • Here, we need to check whether the default Criteria are set as Dropdown or not in the Data validation rules tab.
  • Afterward, we add option texts Yes and No as indicated in the image. We change the default color of the option as well.
  • Then we click on Done.

Yes No option selection on Data validation rules window

  • Consequently, we get the dropdown list inserted in the selected cell. We drag down the fill handle tool to get the dropdown list in the subsequent cells.

Dragging down the dropdown box

  • Completion of the fill handle operation gives us the following result.

Filling all rows with dropdown list

  • Now we select cell This opens the dropdown list and offers us two options Yes and No as indicated.

Selecting cell C5 and choosing option from dropdown box

  • We select Yes or No based on whether the person attended the meeting or not after getting the invitation. The final picture of the dataset resembles many real-life scenarios where we can use this yes-no dropdown list.

Selecting option based on whether participant attend the meeting or not

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2. Utilizing Checkboxes

The dropdown list isn’t the only way we can insert yes-no boxes. Checkboxes in Google Sheets can perform the similar task we described above.

📌 Steps:

  • Insertion of checkboxes in Google Sheets is quite simple. We just select cell C5 and then go to Insert >> Checkbox to add a checkbox in the selected cell.

Inserting yes no Checkbox from menu bar in Google Sheets

  • After that, we drag the fill handle to insert checkboxes in the subsequent rows.

Dragging down the Checkbox of the first row

  • As a result, we got empty checkboxes as follows.

Checkboxes inserted in each row

  • Now we tick or mark a box by clicking on it based on whether a particular person attended the meeting or not and get the image below.

Clicking on empty checkboxes to make it marked in Google Sheets

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Things to Remember

  • Remember you can add more options if necessary other than Yes or No when inserting a dropdown list.
  • Always remember checkboxes are designed to take two values. A checkbox can either be checked or unchecked.


In conclusion, inserting a yes or no box in Google Sheets is an easy task. I believe from now on you can add such boxes and use them in your practical life. Further, If you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment below and I will try to reach out to you soon. Visit our website OfficeWheel for the most useful articles.

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