How to Average Cells from Different Sheets in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, calculating the average is the most common and basic function. We use this equation most often for different purposes. So, in this article, we will show how to average cells from different sheets in Google Sheets.

overview of how to average cells from different sheets in google sheets

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

You may copy the spreadsheet below and practice by yourself.

Steps to Average Cells from Different Sheets in Google Sheets

You can simply average cells by using the AVERAGE function or applying mathematical techniques. Here, to calculate the average from two different sheets we use the AVERAGE function between two sheets.

Step 1: Create Different Sheets

To show the average from different cells we develop two datasets which are located in two spreadsheets. We name the sheets: Sheet1 and Sheet2.

  • Sheet1 contains the columns Month and Sales for a specific year.

insert data in sheet1

  • On the other hand, Sheet2 represents the same column name with different sales data for the same months.

insert data in sheet2

  • We develop Sheet3 to show the average value of these two sheets.

add average cell in sheet3

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Step 2: Apply AVERAGE Function

To get the average of Sheet1 and Sheet2 you have to apply the AVERAGE function in Sheet3. To do so,

  • First, select cell C4 in Sheet3.

select cell to show average cells

  • Now insert the AVERAGE function in the cell.

insert average function in google sheets

  • Then, input the Sheet1 sales values as the range.

add data from different sheets

  • After that, add the Sheet2 values in the function.

add data from different sheets

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Step 3: Final Outcome

After inserting values from Sheet1 and Sheet2 you have to go to Sheet3 to get the final output.

  • Finally, press ENTER, and you will find the average of these two sheets in Sheet3.

outcome of how to average cells from different sheets in google sheets

How to Average Cells from Different Spreadsheets in Google Sheets

You can also calculate the average from data located in different spreadsheets. To do so, all you need is to import data ranging from separate spreadsheets and input it into the AVERAGE function. We use the IMPORTRANGE function that will help us to import data from one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet in a quick and easiest way. The syntax of the IMPORTRANGE function is:

=IMPORTRANGE([spreadsheet_url], [range_string])

Here, spreadsheet_url is the URL address for a specific spreadsheet and range_string represents the data range that you want to import.


  • We now have a separate spreadsheet containing two sheets: Sheet1 & Sheet2. Both sheets contain the same sales data for several months.

create new spreadsheet in google sheets

  • Now go to the Main spreadsheet and select cell E4 to insert the AVERAGE function.

select cell in the main spreadsheet.

  • Insert the AVERAGE function.

add average function for the different spreadsheet

  • After that add the different spreadsheets data as values in the function through the IMPORTRANGE function.

combine average and importrange function in google sheets

Formula Breakdown:

  •…: Represents the URL address of the sheet.
  • Sheet1!C5:C10: This is the range of cells to import from the other spreadsheet. The worksheet targeted is Sheet1.
  • IMPORTRANGE(“….”,”Sheet1!C5:C10″): Here we are importing the selected data range from Sheet1 of the second worksheet.
  • IMPORTRANGE(“”,”Sheet2!C5:C10“): Similarly, this section represents the import range of Sheet2 of the second worksheet.
  • AVERAGE(IMPORTRANGE(“”,”Sheet1!C5:C10″),IMPORTRANGE(“”,”Sheet2!C5:C10″)): This represents the final AVERAGE of the data collected for the two sheets.
  • Finally, press ENTER, and you will find the average value in the selected cells.

final outcome of how to average cells from different sheets in google sheets

Things to Remember

  • Be careful about sheet selection.
  • Insert the range properly in the function.


After completing this article, we hope you will gain quite good knowledge about how to average cells from different sheets in Google Sheets. Moreover, to explore more about averages in Google Sheets you can visit the OfficeWheel website.

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