How to Insert a Header in Google Sheets (2 Simple Scenarios)

Adding a header can be a useful way to label, manage, and organize data easily in Google Sheets or any other document for that matter. Google Sheets provides some useful ways by which you can add headers to your datasheet. In this article, we will show you how to insert a header in Google Sheets.

overview image of how to insert a header in google sheets

The above screenshot is an overview of the article, representing how we can add a header in Google Sheets.

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

You can download the spreadsheet and practice the techniques by working on it.

2 Simple Scenarios to Insert a Header in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, We have two distinct scenarios where we can apply and use headers.

1. Adding Data Column Headers

Labeling your data with a header is a useful way to make viewers understand the data type in the particular column. We will discuss how you can easily add a header to your existing dataset.


  • First, consider the dataset we have below. The dataset has some names and numbers in it. At first glance, you may not understand what these data mean. We will add headers to these columns to make them meaningful to you.

dataset used for inserting a header in google sheets

  • Then, select the cell on top of which you want to add headers. We select cell B4:C4 in our example.

select cell to make header on top

  • After that, go to Menu Bar > Insert > Rows > Insert 1 row above.

insert 1 row above

  • Next, you will see a new row appear on top of your existing dataset.

new row added on top of dataset

  • Then, you can input the desired name for the header. We label the first header as Employee ID and the second one as Employee Name. You can even add custom formatting to make the headers stand out.

header added

  • Next, we will freeze the header row which will stay visible while we scroll through the rest of the sheet. For this, select the header row and go to Menu bar > View > Freeze > Up to row x. Where x denotes the row number of the header row.
  • In our example, the header row is in the 4th row, so we select Up to row 4. Simply select a cell of the header row and this option should appear.

freeze row to lock header

  • So, even if we scroll down, the headers will always be visible when you scroll down the sheet.

locked header

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2. Placing Page Header from Print Settings Menu

On the other hand, you can also add Page Headers in Google Sheets. To do so, we take advantage of the Print Settings in the application.


  • First, go to Menu bar > File > Print.

select print to insert a header in google sheets

  • Then, select Headers & footers from the Print settings dialog box.

select headers & footers to add headers in google sheets

  • Afterward, you will see some built-in header options. You can check the checkboxes to include elements like Page numbers, Workbook title, Current date, and Current time in your header.

built-in header options

  • Next, you can enter the text you want to appear in the header by selecting EDIT CUSTOM FIELDS.

select edit custom fields to add custom header in google sheets

  • After that, you will see three blank boxes appear at the top of your sheet. You can add desired text in these boxes to make them headers.

custom header boxes

  • You can also include elements like Page number, Title, Date, and Time in the headers.

add-ons for custom header

  • Then, we input Employee Information as the header name and click CONFIRM to close the dialog box.

new header

  • After that, click NEXT to get the Print dialog box.

press next to print sheet

  • Finally, click Print to print the spreadsheet with the new header.

press print to print with header

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In this article, we have demonstrated ways to insert a header in Google Sheets. We recommend you practice the techniques shown in order to fully grasp the concept. The goal of this article is to provide helpful information and guide you in your task.

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