How to Append Text in Google Sheets (An Easy Guide)

In this article, we will look at a few scenarios of how to append text and other values in Google Sheets.

While most of the methods call for the use of simple formulas, certain user requirements may lead to the customization of these. So, it is better to understand first what to append before how to do so.

Let’s begin by asking a simple question.

What Does Appending Text Really Mean?

Appending text simply means combining two or more text values together in a single cell.

Consider the scenario where we have a cell in Google Sheets containing the first name “John” and another cell containing the last name “Doe”.

We want to append these two text values together to get the full name:

John Doe

While it looks simple, there are points to consider:

  • What will be the position of the appending text (before or after)?
  • Do we have to include separators (like commas or whitespace)?

These are some of the questions that we will look at as we discuss the methods in this article.

Note also that this process can also go by another name: concatenation. You’ll see the importance of this word in our methods.

How to Append Text Before or After Another in Google Sheets

Primarily, we must use functions to append text in Google Sheets. And the function in question is CONCAT.

CONCAT function syntax:

CONCAT(value1, value2)

concat function syntax to append text in google sheets

The CONCAT function takes two values and combines them together in a single cell.

sample worksheet with id numbers

We want to append the text “ID-“ before these numbers. Let’s see how it’s done.

Step 1: Open the CONCAT function in an empty cell. In the value_1 field, type in “ID-“.

opening the concat function with the first value

Step 2: After a comma (,) reference the cell that contains the ID.

referencing value to the concat function in google sheets

You should be able to see a preview of the result.

Step 3: Close parentheses and press ENTER. Apply the formula to the rest of the column by dragging the fill handle.


append text before value in google sheets with concat function

If you want to append a value after the ID number, simply refer to the number in value_1 and ID in value_2:


append text after value in google sheets with concat function

Also, both append texts can be input as cell references. It’s only the positions of the two texts that matter for the outcome.


append text using multiple cell references in google sheets with concat function

As you may have already noticed, the CONCAT function can combine only two values.

This can be quite disadvantageous in many situations. Take the previous example, for instance, both of the value fields are covered with cell references and the function cannot take a third value to act as a separator. So, the result looks unappealing.

If you are looking to append more than two values and/or include separators, it is best to use the older brother, the CONCATENATE function.

Append More Than Two Text or Values at Once in Google Sheets

The CONCATENATE function syntax:

CONCATENATE(string1, [string2, ...])

concatenate function syntax

As you can see, the CONCATENATE function can take an infinite number of text strings and combine them together, allowing users to customize their append results in various ways.

For example, adding whitespace or a comma separator in between the texts we are looking to append in Google Sheets:




append multiple text and other values in google sheets using the concatenate function

We can also use the CONCATENATE function to add symbols and other characters to the final result at any position.

For example, let’s add parentheses around the code and append the values in the columns in Google Sheets::

=CONCATENATE(B3," (",C3,")")

the concatenate function is highly customizable with multiple types of values

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Using the Concatenate Operator (&) to Append Text in Google Sheets

Google Sheets provides us with an alternative way to append multiple text values together without the use of a function. That is by using the concatenate operator or the ampersand (&) symbol.

Simply input the operator in between the different values as a formula.

For example, let’s append the values of the two columns seen in the previous dataset in the same way, including the parentheses. The formula is:

=B3&" ("&C3&")"

using concatenate operator to append text in google sheets

The concatenate operator (&) simply acts as the connector between the different values.

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Concatenate or Combine Formula and Text in Google Sheets

Appending values in Google Sheets is not limited to default numbers and text, we can also include formulas and functions in them.

Consider the following worksheet where we have three columns of data. We want to use these values to generate a comment showing the remaining products in the stock of each region code.

sample worksheet with inventory data

First, to find the remaining amount, we can use simple subtraction like:


Or we can utilize the MINUS function:


Whichever method you use, you can put it inside one of the string fields of the CONCATENATE function.

including a minus formula inside the concatenate function

Next, append a little text to add some meaning to the comment.

adding sensible text to the comment formaula

Finally, finish it off with the respective Region Code.

adding the region code to the concatenate formula

Close parentheses and apply the formula to the rest of the column:

=CONCATENATE(MINUS(B3,C3)," units remaining in ",D3)

append text and formula in google sheets using the concatenate function

Note: This scenario can also work with the concatenate operator.

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Final Words

That concludes all the ways we can use to append text and other values in Google Sheets. Things are quite simple thanks to some great functions that are available in the application by default, like CONCATENATE.

Feel free to leave any queries or advice you might have in the comments section below.

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