How to Make Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets

In many different industries, barcodes are a standard way to read data. Product prices, customer information, and others can all be encoded using just a few lines and spaces. Google Sheets is a useful tool for generating barcodes. So, in this article, I’ll show you step by step process to make a bulk barcode generator in Google Sheets with clear images and steps. At last, you’ll get an output like the image given below.

How to Make Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

You can download Google Sheets from here and practice very quickly.

Step-by-Step Process to Make Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets

Now, we’ll see 4 steps one by one to make a bulk barcode generator in Google Sheets.

Step 1. Make a Dataset

The first step deals with making a suitable dataset for generating barcodes. We’ll make our barcode from product ids. So we have to make a dataset having some products and their product ids. Follow the process given below:

  • First, make a dataset with 3 headers titled Product, Product ID, and Barcode in Columns B, C, and D respectively.

Making a Dataset to Create Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets

  • Then, write some products like Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Mouse, and Printer in Column B.

Inserting Products in Column B

  • Next, put some unique id numbers in Column C. We’ll use these numbers to generate bulk barcodes in Google Sheets.

Inserting Product ID in Column C

Step 2. Insert a Custom Formula

To make our barcode more relevant, we’ll now add a custom formula that places 2 Asterisk Signs (*) in front and behind our product ids. The processes are:

  • Write the following formula in Cell D5
  • Consequently, hit Enter to get the output.

Inserting Custom Formula to Make Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets

  • After that, apply the Fill Handle tool to use the formula in the rest of the cells of Column D.

Applying Fill Handle Tool

  • Then, you’ll find the following output.

Output After Inserting Custom Formula

Step 3. Apply a Barcode Font

In this step, we’ll apply a barcode font actually to turn our product ids into barcodes. Let’s see the process:

  • Select all the cells from Cell D5 to D9 and go to the Font menu at the top of the Formula tab.

Opening Font Menu to Make Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets

  • The barcode fonts are not available in the font list. That’s why we have to go to More Fonts.
  • So, click on More Fonts under the Font menu.

Going to More Fonts Under Font Menu

  • Next, type Libre Barcode in the search tab.
  • Consequently, you’ll see all the barcode fonts available there such as Libre Barcode 39, Libre Barcode 39 Text, Libre Barcode 39 Extended Text, Libre Barcode 128, Libre Barcode 39 Extended, and Libre Barcode EAN13 Text.
  • You can use any of these fonts.
  • Here we’ll use the Libre Barcode 39 font only. So, select it from the list and press the OK button.

Searching Libre Barcode 39 Font

  • After that, you’ll see that the Libre Barcode 39 font is available now in the font list.
  • Then, select Cells D5 to D9 and choose the Libre Barcode 39 font.

Applying Libre Barcode 39 Font

  • At last, your barcodes are ready.
  • Now we’ll resize them to make them clearly visible.

Output After Using Libre Barcode 39 Font

Step 4. Resize Row and Font Size

We’ll now resize our barcodes so they are easily visible. The processes are shown below:

  • Activate all the rows from Rows 5 to 9.
  • Then, Right-Click on the mouse and select Resize Rows 5-9.

Resizing Rows 5 to 9

  • Moreover, give the row height as 50 and click on the OK button.

Giving Row Height As 50

  • Now we’ll adjust the font size of the barcode column, Column D.
  • So, select all the cells from Cell D5 to D9 and click on the Font Size menu at the top of the Formula tab.

Going to Font Size Menu

  • Again, select 24 as the font size.

Choosing 24 As Font Size

  • Finally, we are successful to make a bulk barcode generator in Google Sheets.
  • Now, you may read the data contained in the barcode by scanning it using a barcode scanner. Tracking inventory and managing stock may improve from this.

Output After Making Bulk Barcode Generator in Google Sheets


That’s all for now. Thank you for reading this article. In this article, I have discussed step-by-step processes to make a bulk barcode generator in Google Sheets. Please comment in the comment section if you have any queries about this article. You will also find different articles related to google sheets on our Visit the site and explore more.

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