Format Numbers as Text in Google Sheets (5 Easy Examples)

Working with numbers in a spreadsheet can be quite tricky especially when we want to customize them to our requirements. In these cases, it can be a good idea to format the number as text values in Google Sheets.

A text value is very malleable in the application to customize in any way. On top of that, Google Sheets provides us with the wonderful function, TEXT, to also help us keep the numerical value’s integrity.

Let’s have a look at a few examples where formatting numbers as text can come in handy.

5 Easy Examples to Format Number as Text in Google Sheets

1. Format Number as Text to Include Decimals or Commas in Google Sheets

As mentioned in the introduction, the primary function for most of these examples is the TEXT function.

The TEXT function syntax:

TEXT(number, format)

It is a simple function that takes a numerical value and converts it to text to help users customize and format it easily.

For example, let’s say that we want to format a number to include two decimal places in Google Sheets.

The TEXT formula will simply be:


format number as text to get two decimal places in google sheets using text function


  • # (hash): Represents number values where insignificant zeroes (0) are not counted.
  • . (dot): Represents the decimal point.
  • 0 (zero): Represents number values where insignificant zeroes (0) will be counted.

You can increase or decrease the number of decimal points by increasing or decreasing the number of zeroes.

formatting different decimal places to a number using the text function

Another thing we’d like to point out is that the results of the TEXT function are, understandably, in the text format. You can notice this from the alignment of the values in the cells:

numbers are right-aligned, and texts are left-aligned in google sheets

Along with decimal points, we can also add comma separators to numbers using the TEXT function.


format number to add comma separator using the text function in google sheets

While there are default options to add commas to numbers in Google Sheets, the TEXT function can be also used to include custom number formatting.

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2. Format Number as Text to Include Percentages or Currency Symbols in Google Sheets

The TEXT function can also be used to format numbers to include meaningful symbols in Google Sheets.

For example, let’s say that we want to include a percentage (%) value from a  number. All we must do is include the symbol in the correct position in the formula:


format number to include percentage in google sheets using text function

The percentage symbol will convert the number into a percentage. The calculation is automatic.

You can see a more practical use in the following image. This also includes the use of decimals:


practical example of formatting number as text to get percentage value

Other non-mathematical symbols like currency can be formatted into numbers without having to worry about calculation.

Simply include the currency symbol, in this case, it is Dollar ($), at the beginning of the format.


including currency symbol with the text function in google sheets

3. Convert Date Format to DD/MM/YYYY or Others

A date is a form of data that is almost always present in spreadsheets. These are important values on their own that can be also used in several crucial calculations.

The thing is, while Google Sheets has made it quite simple to work with dates, the date format itself is locked to the regional settings.

Naturally, in the default or United States regional settings, the date is valid in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Whereas, dates inputted in the dd/mm/yyyy format are not recognized.

valid and invalid date formats in google sheets

Thankfully, it is quite easy to format a valid date to the dd/mm/yyyy format with TEXT.


converting date formats using the text function

Follow this table for other formatting possibilities:

Date Format CodeResult
MMMM d, YYYYFebruary 2, 2022
MMM d, YYYYFeb 2, 2022
dd MMM YYYY02 Feb 2022
ddd, MMMM DD YYYYYWed, February 02 2022

other text formats that can be applied to date values

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4. Correctly Presenting Phone Numbers in Google Sheets

Like currency, phone numbers usually start with a symbol, commonly the plus (+) symbol. E.g. +205 455655.

However, inputting the plus with a number value in Google Sheets does not give the desired out. The plus disappears from the cell and the formula bar shows an equal-to sign:

inputting a plus symbol in front of a number makes it disappear animated

Once again, the symbol can be easily added with the TEXT function:


using the text function to include plus symbol in front of a number

But if you truly want to replicate the phone number format and include the space before the last six digits, input a whitespace after the first hash and then input six hashes to represent those digits.

=TEXT(B2,"+# ######")

format number to a value phone number using the text function in google sheets

You can increase or decrease the number of hashes after the whitespace to accommodate different numbers of digits.

5. Combine Text and Numbers in a Single Cell

Things may become complicated when we look to combine values of different formats together, namely text and numbers.

While combining integer values with text may not cause any issues, there are certain numerical values that take unique forms in Google Sheets. We are of course talking about dates, currencies, and percentages.

The following image shows what happens when we try to combine these numerical values with text:

combining special number values with text gives the wrong result

To retain the formatting of these numbers, we must use the TEXT function. The syntax of the formula is simple:

=”Text or String ”&TEXT

So, using what we’ve learned so far in this article, the formulas will be as follows.

Date and Text:

="This is: "&TEXT(B2,"mm/dd/yyyy")

Percentage and Text:

="This is: "&TEXT(B3,"#%")

Currency and Text:

="This is: "&TEXT(B4,"$#")

formatting different number values with text function and combining them with a string

Tip: You can also make use of the CONCATENATE function to combine the two values.

Final Words

The TEXT function is a great way to format numbers of any kind as text. One other advantage it has is that it can be used with other functions to help users get a customized output.

Feel free to leave any queries or advice you might have in the comments section below.

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