How To Add Comment in Google Sheets (3 Suitable Ways)

One feature is crucial when working online with a program like Google Sheets, and that feature is comments. You can collaborate on ideas, conflicts, and more by leaving notes for one another. You have the tools you need to successfully collaborate on your next spreadsheet thanks to the customizable feature of comments. This blog will show you how to add comment in google sheets.

A Sample of Practice Spreadsheet

3 Ways to Add Comment in Google Sheets

Technically, your own preference will determine which process you find simple and comfortable. In Google Sheets, you can post comments using the mouse, keyboard, or both at once. We are going to use a simple dataset for all the cases.

how to add comment is google sheets database

1. Using Mouse Click

The comment window is only two clicks away.

  • Choose the cell you want to comment on; in this case, let’s choose B9:C9 (they are merged in the following image).
  • To access the comment option, Right-click on the selection and scroll down to find Comment.
  • Click on the Comment option to open a text field.

adding comment using mouse click in google sheets

  • We are going to write “No email is mentioned!” in the text field and click Comment.

comment text field openning

  • Finally, we will have the output shown in the image below.

add comment in google sheets output

  • If you want to Edit, Delete, or Get the link to this comment, click the Three Dots button.

edit delete and link navigation in comment section

2. Through Keyboard Shortcut

Using the keyboard, you can quickly navigate to the Comment pop-up window.

  • Let’s choose the cell for this example, B9:C9

add comment in google sheets using keyboard

  • Press CTRL+ALT+M for Windows or CMD+ALT+M for Mac.
  • The comment window will appear in front of you right away.

comment text box pop-up

  • For this example, We wrote “No email is mentioned!” in the text field.
  • After finishing, don’t forget to click Comment.

use of keyboard to add comment in google sheets

  • You will find a yellow indicator in the top right corner of the cell.
  • The comment box will then appear if you move your mouse cursor over that particular cell later.

mouse pointer in cell to find comment

3. Utilizing the Toolbar Tab

You can also navigate the comment box from the Toolbar Tab.


  • First, select the designated cell. For this example, B9:C9
  • Then, Insert > Comment

navigation of toolbar to add comment in google sheets

  • A text box for comments will appear.
  • Again, Let’s write “No email is mentioned!” in the text field and CTRL+ENTER.

keyboard shortcut to add comment in google sheet

  • The cell will now be highlighted when you click on it, and you will have access to more options, including the comment section.

how to open comment section for all the comments

  • Click on the Open all comments.
  • A window with all the comments will appear on the right side. You will find all the comments in this section.

comment panel in google sheets

NOTE: Remember that adding a contact to a comment will not change the settings for sharing. In the Share options, be careful to grant the necessary access if you want someone to see or edit the document.

Final Words

Utilize the Google Sheets tips to work, comment, and collaborate. Make good use of your newfound knowledge of how to add comment in Google Sheets whenever deemed necessary. You may configure Google Sheets to your liking because it has a wide range of features that all function well together. You can check our blog, OfficeWheel, for more tips and tricks.

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